Wednesday 15 July 2015


Frostfang, former Megalith, is a young Metal Band from Saint Petersburg, Florida. The band plays original thrash / heavy metal music influenced by metal bands from 80's, 90's and contemporary rock/heavy & progressive metal with influences such as Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Megadeath, Judas Priest and such. The young musicians are: Lucas (15), Nick (18), Jared (18), and the newest and youngest member, Jon (13).

This is some solid and well polished metal considering the ages of the band members. 13... my little brother is 13 and he still struggles with Guitar Hero. I find the idea of kids just killing it in a band very surreal, I'm sure I can just chalk it up to jealousy. Anyway, head below and grab yourself a copy of their self titled debut album 'Frostfang'.

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