Wednesday 3 June 2015

Gruesome Stuff Relish- Horror Rises From the Tomb

Gruesome Stuff Relish are a death metal band from Spain, and are part of the Razorback Records family. Their sound is heavily influenced by old school swedish death metal and vintage horror flicks, a classic combination!  Over the years they have put out several split releases and a couple of full lengths, below you will find their 2008 release "Horror Rises From The Tomb". It is one of my favorites which I recently re-discovered on bandcamp. Enjoy!

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  1. dont know where the fuck i found this lp, but ive played the shit out of it for at least five years. crusty grind OS death metal a must for fans of early carcass, pungent stench, impetigo, early bolt thrower, necronomy. Gruesome stuff relish? I cant even begin to express what level awesomeness and confusion i feel from this bands name.


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