Wednesday 9 July 2014

Wolvhammer- Clawing Into Black Sun [review]

After listening to the first track of this album, I find myself regretting the fact that I skipped their show when they last came through Toronto. Wolvhammer play what I want to call 'Black n' Roll', think along the lines of  Entombed or Satyricon. Perhaps one could argue that tag simplifies the band a tad too much. Wolvhammer have perfected the blend of various styles to create a work entirely their own. It's as if they mixed up a pot of death and punk rock with black, death, and doom metal.

With their third full length 'Clawing into Black Sun' the band has stepped into a more mature and focused role. Having scored onslaughts of praise from around the internet and having shared the stage with heavyweight acts such as the Black Dahlia Murder and Skeletonwitch, Wolvhammer are set to ascend towards the next level. 

Standing out on the album are 'Death Division', title track 'Clawing Into Black Sun' and the slower and more mature sounding 'A Light That Doesn't Yield'. These tracks alone justify purchasing the album and helping Wolvhammer along their blackened path to greatness. Give the album a spin below.


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