Wednesday 2 July 2014

The Wolves of Avalon- Boudicca's Last Stand [Review]

'Boudicca's Last Stand' is more than just music it is a story, a story from ages past when there was no England, Scotland, or Wales. When there was only Britain, its forests and its tribal clans.

The album deals with one of the great British war leaders, Boudicca, a Queen who stood against the might of Rome shortly after the great druid sanctuary of Ynys Môn was ruthlessly destroyed and the very heart of druid culture wiped from the face of the Earth.

Thoughts of Middle Earth, and Westeros surely come to mind and the music that 'the Wolves of Avalon' play would most definitely fit within those realms. This is for the true folk fans, the fantasy fanatics, the dreamers of a day that has long passed. The impressive array of instruments really add to the atmosphere, flutes, mandolins, violins, cellos and accordions all add to the feeling that this album has taken you back in time.

The craftsmanship behind  'the Wolves of Avalon' comes at no surprise. Lead by Metatron the front man of the brilliant black medieval metal band 'The Meads of Asphodel' one can expect a bit of the same especially on tracks such as 'Bonded By Blood and Sword' and 'The Gorging Glut of Sodden Clay.' Although as a whole, 'Boudicca's Last Stand' encompasses the listener in a bolder and richer folk atmosphere with thanks going to J Marinos who is the bands guitarist and main song writer. A great inclusion to the album are the guest spots, the likes of Thurios from 'Drudkh', Hildr Valkyrie from 'Folkearth' and Mirai from 'Sigh' bring this album to the next level.

There is no filler on 'Boudicca's Last Stand', it doesn't get stale and should keep you fully immersed for its entirety. Keep an eye out for it when it is released on July 21st. You can order it from the links below.

Favorite tracks:
The Sky Goddess
Behold the Feast of the Slaughter Gods


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