Tuesday 17 June 2014

Howling- A Beast Conceived

This album was killer! I feel like more people need to give it a spin, it is well worth the small price. Everything Vanessa and Razorback Records put out is great, Howling is a prime example.

The death-thrashing creatures of the night, HOWLING, have unleashed their debut album, "A Beast Conceived"! 10 songs of raging, blood-crazed horror Death/Thrash violence with ripping guitar solos and female death metal vocals that sound like a possessed she-wolf chewing her way out of hell! The band is a whirlwind of loud, fast, and thrashing heavy metal, with an emphasis on extremely catchy head banging riffs meant to summon forth the powers of darkness! Get ready for an album loaded with some of the most memorable songs in a long time, all centered around a creepy and flesh-tearing atmospheric "backwoods horror" theme. 

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