Monday 4 November 2013

Merrin- Doom Cinema

How cool is this, two of my favorite things in one package, doom and retro horror flicks! I'm not going to pretend to write something better than what the guys in Merrin already have so;

"Doom Cinema is a 20 minute, 3 track exploration of dark music & the moving image. A cross genre ep covering all the sounds Merrin have dabbled in, including a Prog & Doom influenced soundtrack piece (Plymouth Fury) Droning, riff driven soundscapes (Cajun Swamps) And out and out sludgy riff assaults (Shakma)

The individual tracks are accompanied by three short films, each exploring the prospective genre's they are paying homage to (John Carpenter style Horror & Giallo, Southern US Thriller's & Straight to VHS horror movies from the late 80's)
The specially crafted films will be available on a limited edition VHS tape, available in 2014."

I'll be waiting for the short films, and will more than likely share them here but for now check out the tracks below.

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