Thursday 17 October 2013

Onslaught - VI (Review)

Onslaught - VI

Onslaught are a thrash metal band from Bristol, England that originally formed in 1983. For many years the band found a good following with 3 solid albums. However, with record label problems and MANY line-up changes, the band decided to call it quits in 1991. Onslaught exploded back into the music scene in 2007 with 'Killing Peace'. The English thrashers are back, with their sixth album, simply titled 'VI'.

  Two years has passed since Onslaught last blew our eardrums with Sounds Of Violence, and as soon as the 30+ seconds atmospheric intro A New World Order finishes on this new record, it becomes abundantly clear that they are back to repeat that feat.

  The album kicks off straight away with the thunderous and relentless Chaos Is King, and from there VI just never lets up until it's finished. Each song takes Sy Keeler's brutal vocals, Nige Rockett and Andy Rosser-Davies crunchy guitar riffs and face-melting riffs and solos, the knock-out bass tones of  Jeff Williams and the machine gun blasts of new stick man Mike Hourihan and creates some of the most brutal, intense and beautifully evil pieces of thrash music contained within a 40  minute album.
  Onslaught won't be receiving any awards for being the most progressive band, this album is a straightforward attack of brutality. They do mix it up a little however, one of the most notable is Children Of The Sand, with it's eerie Middle Eastern intro that quickly gives way to a technical thrash assault isn't the hardest or fastest on the album, but stands as one of the heaviest.
  One of the other main highlights of the album is the track 6, 6 'Fuckin' 6. This ultimately catchy track will be in your head for days, and one that I'm sure will become a concert staple. Also, as I hear Sy Keeler belt out lines such as "We play the devils music" I can almost see the wink in his eye, this tongue-in-cheek track softens the sharp and hateful lyrics that engulf the rest of the album.
  As the albums final roaring anthemic track Enemy Of My Enemy fades away it leaves the listener on an overall blood pumping high.

  With powerful releases from Sodom, Destruction, Annihilator and Havok, this has already been a truly great year for thrash metal releases. And although Onslaught's VI isn't a flawless album, it easily ranks as one of the best from 2013.

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