Tuesday 16 July 2013

Ink'd: Holly Savage

 In this session of Ink'd we bring you Holly Savage, alternative model from El Paso, Texas. Holly is one fast paced girl, with multiple tattoos, a love for fast cars, and happily married at just 22 (cue the Taylor Swift!), she has zero signs of slowing down and is gaining exposure all over the place.

A deep love for friends and family, a passion for old Hollywood and new metal, we discuss it all below. 

 For your listening pleasure, Holly recommends some Chelsea Grin. Squeee Squeeee!

Before we jump in with all the questions, care to give us a quick introduction about yourself?
My name is Holly Savage and I am from the El Paso, TX/NM area. I have been modeling since 2009 and since then have been lucky to work with some amazing people. I am married and my husband is recently getting into modeling and becoming a Brand Ambassador.

1. What point of your life did you decide that you wanted to become an alternative model?
    I have always wanted to be a model since I was old enough to know what it was but I also knew I wanted tattoos! As I got older I got some lovely stretch marks so I pretty much said, "screw it, I might as well get tattoos, now.." figuring there was no hope for modeling with my scars. After I graduated high school I started to learn about alternative modeling and when I moved to Europe I was approached by a  photographer and my dreams were sparked up again! Since then I have been working my butt off to get my name out there!

2. Is the 'alternative' label one that you are cool with or do you prefer to stay away from labels?
   I am ok with the label. People always want to classify things and I think 'alternative' is a lot better than what some people might want to call it, haha.

3. To me, modelling seems to always be fresh and exciting unlike your typical office or retail job. What has been the most enjoyable or memorable moment for you?
Krystal Durden Photography
   I think in this type of modeling the most enjoyable part is getting the tattoos!! You get to pick out what you want to forever enhance your image to the world. I get to put clothes on and people don't ever suspect that I have tattoos but when I take something off there is so much more to look at! I think that is the best part.

 4. Alternatively, has their been any moments that you wish never happened?
   Of course! Everyone with a bunch of ink has there tattoos they regret. I have a couple that I let friends who were learning do, that don't look as good as others, and I have also gotten some work done at SHOPS that I regret because of the quality of work. As for the meaning of the tattoos to me, I do not regret a single one. I put a lot of thought behind each one and I will never get anything that I don't completely LOVE.

5. What are some milestones that you have achieved, or are waiting to reach?
   Some milestones that I have made it to are things like being signed to an agency. I am currently signed with Wilhelmina Bazaar, although I think I am one of the only, if not THE only inked model they have. I am going to be modeling some clothing from an awesome company called Lion and Wolf (http://lionandwolf.bigcartel.com/). This month I will be featured in Girls of Khaos Magazine as well as one other popular tattoo magazine. Fusion Magazine here in El Paso is giving me a spread for the Texas Tattoo Showdown issue this month and I was just contacted about an image of mine making it into Inkjunkeyz Magazine. And I will be competing for Miss Inked Up El Paso for the Sullen Angels Competition at the Texas Tattoo Showdown this month. Here is the link to vote--->https://www.facebook.com/sullenfamily/app_468215703237261?ref=ts (Holly Bonhorst)
There I will get to meet my FAVORITE Sullen Angel and role model, Bernadette Macias, who is hosting the competition. There are so many other things I hope to achieve in this industry! This is just the beginning!

6. Lets talk ink! At what age did you get your first piece done and what was it? Is their any significance behind it?
    I got my first tattoo on my 18th birthday. I got it on the back of my neck. I went small for my first one! haha,  it is a Japanese Kanji that means "beauty." Every time I tell people what it means they role their eyes and think I am conceited but it doesn't mean that I am a beauty! haha. To me it is a representation of the beauty in the world. That no matter how bad things get you can always find the beauty in things. Life may be rough sometimes but it is ALWAYS beautiful.

7. You have lots of beautiful pieces, the one of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn stand out. I assume they are big inspirations in your life?
   Marilyn broke from all expectations of a woman. She helped pave the way for women today to be sexual and still beautiful. Audrey was stunning and I think she is hilarious in her movies. She always played such likable characters and she is absolutely beautiful and poised.
Krystal Durden Photography
  8. A lot of your pieces seem to have meaning, care to explain the story behind the Hollywood sleeve?
   From old time movies to the stars that were in them I just LOVE old Hollywood. From the glamour, class, and wonder of it all to the behind the scenes chaos. Today it is too easy to manipulate truths and pictures and stories. We have so many ways to know every detail about the stars that it just turns me off. So I wanted to dedicate an arm to the beginning of it all.
Joe Muniz Photography
  9. How about the various quotes that you have?
   Down my right side ribs it says "Those who live are those who fight" which means that everyone has their own battles, and we fight them every day but we live our lives to the fullest because we are able to push on. On the inside of my right wrist it says "Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul." It is a quote from Marilyn showing the not so nice part of the Hollywood appeal. I have the number "136" on the top of my right wrist that matches my husband and a couple close friends. It is our best friend Justin Goodin's motocross number, who was electrocuted about 3 months ago and had to have both of his arms amputated. He is such an inspiration to all of us because he didn't let this accident hinder him at all. He is still the same awesome fun loving person he has always been and he is so optimistic. On top of my left wrist I have the number '13' It is tattoo tradition to get 13 tattooed on friday the 13th 'lucky 13' My husband and I moved back from Europe the same day and got to attend the 2012 Texas Tattoo Showdown where we got them done. I also have my parents names, "sempre" which means 'always' in Italian and my uncles name.
A Whites Photography
A Whites Photography

10. You have tattoos in a wide range of places, which have been the most and least painful so far?
    This is everyone's favorite question, the LEAST painful for me was my forearm. The Marilyn Monroe portrait was not bad at all. The arms in general I think are the least painful. Now the MOST painful, which usually surprises people when they ask me, was my feet! From first touch of the needle to the last it SUCKED. I will probably NEVER get another foot tattoo because of it! haha.
A Whites Photography
 11. Do you have any more tattoo ideas planned out?
    Oh there are so many!! I plan on being covered neck down one day! Some that I will be getting in the near future are....the words "Jay Bird" on the back of my thighs. Finishing my right arm with a portrait of James Dean. A traditional style girl with the quote "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind" The word SAVAGE across the top of my ankles/bottom of my shins. And I really want the monster from "Pan's Labyrinth" and the mother from "Mirror Mask" on me somewhere. That's just to name a few! My body will probably never be complete in my eyes. I will stay a work in progress.

12. What do you like to do when you aren't getting inked or being photographed?
     I love to cruise with my husband! We both have sports cars and love to go cruise, drift, or meet up with car clubs/meet ups. I also enjoy swimming, hiking, and attending concerts/shows but I am just as happy chilling with friends/family and watching a movie on the couch. I don't drink so the party thing just isn't my scene, which I guess is weird for a 22 year old, but I am happy without it.

13. Being a fan of metal music and hopefully becoming part of the Ladies of Metal, what are a couple of your favorite bands?
     My favorite bands include Suicide Silence, Chelsea Grin, Bring Me The Horizon, OM&M, Born of Osiris, Emmure......The list could go on....

14. Got one song that you rock out to every time you hear it?
    Sonnet of the Wretched, and Recreant by Chelsea Grin are two of those songs that when they come on I will NEVER skip them! Metal is the perfect music to haul ass in the cars to!

15. You know the saying "Never Judge a Book by its Cover" can you share with us something about you that your cover doesn't show?
     Being tattooed gives many people the impression that I can't hold a job when in reality I CAN and have even worked at financial institutions where I was a Loan Representative. When good careers can be open to the decoration on our skin it is amazing. It gives us that chance to prove stereotypes wrong. I just wish there were MORE of them out there.
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