Sunday 2 December 2012

Ink'd Feature: Dez Fafara

Getting his first tattoo done at age 16, Dez is definitely no stranger ink though he may be a stranger to you. Gaining fame in the late 90s as the front man of goth nu-metal act Coal Chamber he eventually went on to lead Devildriver, a much more aggressive style of melodic groove metal. Interestingly enough as of October 2012, Dez has gone on record claiming that new Coal Chamber material is in the works.

Dez is literally covered in tattoos, some sources claim the only ink free spot is where the sun don't shine, I will only be touching on a couple starting with his favorite one, done by Paul Booth. You may remember that name from the feature on Kerry King of Slayer. Paul is the go to man for many metal artists but many other artists have added their touch to Dez, being in a world touring band definitely helps. To name a few others, a tribute tattoo to A Nightmare Before Christmas on his chest, the Devildriver logo on his upper arm and Coal Chamber logo on the lower. His name Dez, on his fingers most likely a tribute to Ozzy Osbourne. Tribal masks all over his torso, man the list just goes on so enough reading go check out the pictures!

May as well rock out to some Devildriver while you're scrolling.

For a closer view of his arm tats check this video out of him getting a Black Flag tattoo and touch ups.

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