Wednesday 12 December 2012


 Twelve miles to madness, twelve steps to evolution, twelve phases of permission, twelve doors to oblivion. Brachiosauride's second full-length, "Twelve Miles To Madness" is a giant concept record running over 98 minutes, a twelve-step monomyth which is a an allegorical treatise on philosophy that ordains its concept parallelly based on Friedrich Nietzsche's "Thus Spake Zarathustra" and St John Of The Cross' "Ascent Of Mount Carmel". A bizarre, theological and esoteric dissertation grounded upon the logic of the dream and the logic of the torment, or more properly the logic of paradox, the paradox within the whole universe, in which there's no disparity between the ultimate dissolute ignition of Melek Tawûsê and sacrosanct dissolution of Universal Sire.

I won't lie, that description flew right over my head. Just remember that Brachiosauride played one of the most distinct forms of experimental progressive sludge in 2011 and this album will surely transcend their past.

Much like their first release 'Excavations' this is all self financed and self produced, though the album is available for free in many formats I urge you to purchase it and help these guys out, I think we all would like to see a third act from them.


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