Saturday 24 November 2012

Interview time with Diemonds

Diemonds, a rather impressive bunch who play some heavy hitting sleaze glam rock but don't let that tag fool you, Diemonds know how to play loud, fast and nasty. As an underground band signed to an independent label the band has made quite the name for themselves for their constant touring of North America and the feat of playing in India. The best part about Diemonds is the fact they are from Toronto and the opportunity for myself to see them comes around time and time again. Quickly climbing my own personal charts this is a band I am proud to share with the world. Oh and did I mention it's one of those rare female fronted bands. I know a lot of you are suckers for em!

I actually don't know which member of the band answered my questions, perhaps it was a team assignment either way it turned out to be a solid interview that I hope you guys enjoy.

Before diving into the interview check out their short film style music video for 'Get the Fuck Outta Here'

1. Who are you?
We're DIEMONDSduh?

2. Where are you from?
Toronto, Canada

3. What do you do?
Play rock n roll and ruin marriages

4. Why do you do this?
Normal day jobs never really worked for uswe love what we do!

5. Is it fair to ask how it feels to blow up? or am I jumping the gun there. Lately it seems whichever show I'm looking at in Toronto, you guys are on the bill. I must assume Toronto treats you guys good?
Toronto has always been an amazing place to live for us. We love playing to the hometown crowd and getting absolutely wasted with everyone after the show. "Blowing up" eh? I'll take that! We've been lucky to land some pretty high profile gigs in the city and abroad and we're really thankful! Hard work pays off!

6. Asides from the local scene you guys have already taken on some big events, North by Northeast, Heavy Montreal, Rocklahoma. Does it feel any different playing these types of shows? Or is the whole world your stage?
Of course the whole world is our stage. Playing on a stage bigger than the street I live on in front of thousands of rabid fans definitely has it's perks but there is absolutely something to be said about playing clubs face to face with your audience. Both types of shows produce a rush that can't be beat!

7. Speaking of the whole world, whats this about being the first ever female fronted act to play in Shillong, India. How does this even happen?
We got an offer to go down to India and we were honoured to be the first female fronted act to play Shillong! That was an amazing experience for us and the thousands who attended! It was really cool for the band but Priya especially being that milestone female.

8. Lets talk about the music. How do you classify yourself? Is glam metal appropriate?
We play music the way we like it. Call it what you want (glam, sleaze, hair, hard, metal, rock, WHATEVER!) - at the end of the day, like all the great bands before us, we play rock n fuckin' roll.

9. You all look relatively young to be playing a style of music most famous almost 30 years ago. What inspired you to do this?
It's the music we discovered when we were kids and we instantly knew that we wanted to play ilke that. Call it retro if you will, we know what we like and we know what we wanna sound like.

10. A lot of bands try to bring back this sleaze and glam of the 80s, and sadly a lot of them fail. One band who pulled it off, Steel Panther. How was it playing with those guys?
Steel Panther were awesome play with - a really good match for us! They were also super cool dudes and were really into our tunes. We drank a bottle of Patron with them and sang Dokken songs all night backstage.

11. 'The Bad Pack' recently came out, did it achieve what you wanted it to?
Absolutely. After all, you heard it, didn't you?

12. Where is a good start for someone who has never listened to your music?

Check out the music videos online and pick up a copy of "The Bad Pack".

13. I must say the album art for 'the Bad Pack' is pretty bad ass. Who came up with the idea and what is the story behind it?
"We Are Wolves, Join Our Pack". "The Bad Pack" is really just who we arewe're a team and we stick together like hungry wolves.

14. Three official videos off of the album, do you have more in mind? 'Get the Fuck Out Of Here' is my favorite one. Was it an enjoyable experience? Who decided to make it play out like a short film?
Music videos are one of our favourite ways to express our ideasso as long as the ideas are there we'll still keep making them no matter how many we have already done for the album! The storyline was a collaboration between the band and producer BLEEDINGHEART basing it of our mutual love for old slasher horror flicks.

15. What does the future hold in store for Diemonds? I imagine you won't stay put in Toronto forever?
Toronto will always be home. We rarely even get to see our own city with all the touring we do so any time spent in Toronto is always a nice taste of home.

16. Piracy? What is your stance on it? Do you believe it helps or hinders you?
We work hard on our music. It costs us a lot of money to record, produce, engineer, design, mix, master, print, distribute, (etc etc etc) a record. If after all of that you don't feel like spending $10 to help us recoup our investment and pay for our pizza and beer then so be it. Money isn't what life is all about. Download the album for free and enjoy it. After all, we started making music for the masses to listen toso listen to it!

17. You are now stranded on an island, you have only 3 albums to listen to forever. What would they be?
KISS - Rock And Roll Over
Montrose - Montrose
Vain - No Respect

Well that's about it. I don't want to take up too much of your time. I really appreciate this opportunity. Any last words to all your fans? As for me i'll catch you guys at the opera house this friday!
Hope you dug the Opera House show! Thanks for all the support! See you on the road!

Want more of Diemonds?

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