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Interview time with Sarah Blackwood

Sarah "Sin" Blackwood is the pretty face behind the Psychobilly punk band 'The Creepshow' and has a successful acoustic folk solo career. Always on the go with various artists and projects Sarah seems to have a rather hectic life so it's pretty awesome that she sat down for this.

Before you jump into the interview, check out her beautiful song 'Drowning'.

1. Who are you?
My name is Sarah Blackwood. I play music. And do artsy stuff.

2. Where you from?

Burlington Ontario Canada.

3. What do you do?
I play music. I do lots of artsy stuff, and I am one hell of a business woman.

4. Why do you do this?
Because I was born to.

5. Being the frontwoman for the Creepshow and having your own successful solo career, is it tough trying to balance the two?
I do a lot of yoga. I am a certified instructor actually. Over the past ten years I have learned patience is the most important thing in life. Being smart and thinking before you react, in short term and long term situations.

6. The Creepshow shares the name with an old Horror film plus your lyrics often deal with horror themes. I assume your a big horror buff?
I love horror movies. The ones from the 80's are my favourite. When CGI didn't exsist and everything was all make-up and puppets.

7. What's your all time favorite horror flick?
Natural Born Killers. Nightmare on Elm Street III - Dream Warriors. Freddie is my fav.

8. I picked up 'Way Back Home' cause I love the Creepshow, do you think this is the case for others?
I think a lot of fans of music appreciate when an artist does more than one thing. I like to be diverse in what I listen to and what I write. Music for me changes everyday. It's cool when other people see and appreciate and love that.

9. Your solo work and Creepshow work are very different, do you try to turn the fans onto both or do you seek different audiences?
I seek the world. With every project I work on ;)

10. To be so varied, you must have a bunch of influences. What/who are the major ones?
Janis Joplin. Jim Morrison. I like poetry and people with interesting voices.

11. Sarah "Sin" Blackwood is the voice of the Creepshow, Sarah Blackwood is the voice of such beautiful and haunting acoustic tales. I picture their being two Sarah's, the sinner and the saint. Is this an idea you were aiming for?
That's what it started out as, but over the years I have just become Sarah Blackwood. In and out of the different bands i am in I always come back to where my heart is. That's just with myself.

12.Being a woman in a mostly male dominated element do you find it difficult or does the riot grrrl rebel image keep it good.
It's really not something I concentrate on very much. I just feel like another person in a world with other people. I cry a little more often then the dues I am around, but it takes a certain personality to work     and live the music industry. Regardless of what sex you are.

13. You've played all over the world, I know its hard to narrow it down but what has been your most memorable experience?
It is REALLy hard to answer this question now. I have been to so many places and had so many amazing experiences. I love being on stage and playing music for people and for myself. That's the best part.

14. Have any good news about what the future holds for the Creepshow?
The future is our oyster. I really don't like to spend time looking too far ahead. That sets us up for disappointment. I like to live right now and what happens happens and when it does I live it and love it.

15. What are your thoughts on downloading music?
I give most of my music away for free, or people can pay what they want. That's how it should be I think. It's hard to make money on record sales no anyway, but it is nice when people help you out by shooting a few bucks your way.

16. Imagine yourself trapped on an island with an iPod capable of holding only 3 albums. Which 3 would you choose to enjoy until help arrives, many years later.
One Man Army - Last Words Spoken
Mumford and Sons - Sigh No More
Ryan Adams - Ashes and Fire

The original set of questions was much better but due to circumstances I had to create a new set and I lacked some of the original flair. Hopefully one day later on Sarah can sit back down and do this again.

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