Thursday 26 April 2012

Ink'd: Sarah Blackwood

I already did an interview with Canadian born multi instrumentalist, singer, song writer, Sarah Blackwood best known for her role in psychobilly band the Creepshow as well as Walk Off the Earth and her own solo career. Sarah has a couple pretty neat tattoos that she is sure to always show off at her shows. Check them out after the jump!

Listen to some of her music while you check her out!

Sarahs left arm represents her solo music, lots of symbols about good ole country folk. With 'Way Back Home' underneath which is her first solo album. Now the other side of Sarah, literally and metaphorically speaking are two sugar skulls, representing the 'Sinner' and 'Saint' within.
Copyright on picture.
Sugarskull Half Sleeve.
She also has anchors on her hands, tattooed the day after a bad break up they were a form of release for Sarah. On her middle finger is "BAH X 7" an inside acronym for her friends/band, and on her back a 50's style mic with the words "One Truth" to Sarah music will always be right there beside her heart.
Her 'country' side
Oldschool Mic

She likes to flaunt the left side in most photos, finding one of her back proved to be quite difficult. The one above came from myspace around 2008. While browsing every site known to man for these images I came across these ones...

WOW! You can read the story behind these here. Don't think we need any more reasons to love this girl!

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