Metal Horizons was born due to an entirely different idea and name, Angrychairs. It started as a simple hobby, Being a 21st century pirate I had established quite the musical library and felt the need to give some of it back. The first Angrychair blog quickly grew to a behemoth of metal treasures and took up all of my spare time. Tragedy struck when I foolishly leaked a copy of Sonic Boom from Kiss, that was the last nail in the coffin and Angrychairs was shut down by the powers that be.

Like the hydra I simply grew two new heads and created yet another blog that was bigger, better and angrier. Again the popularity and notoriety increased until the beginning of 2012 when one of the biggest file sharing websites was taken down. This tragic news resulted in other file sharing sites to crackdown, and thus the chairs were disassembled yet again.

Throughout all of this I had a constant stream of local bands, independent bands and small time labels sending me material and asking for promotion. Could I let that all go to waste? The answer is no, I have decided to turn in my pirate hat and focus on something more positive and productive, time to give all of these bands the publicity they deserve and create a site full of metal wonders.

Constantly broadening your metal horizons. \m/

 You might be asking why I'm sharing the background of my copyright infringements and piracy when so many people are against it. Well without it I would not know about all these great bands and people all around the world would not know about so many others. I'm turning a new page and going to where the grass is greener. Don't judge the past, appreciate the future.

Welcome to Metal Horizons!

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